Cloud Hosting vs. VPS Hosting: Which is Best for Your eCommerce Website?

The last few years have seen a major shift in the way we shop. With e-commerce websites, we can purchase goods online, pay once we receive the goods and return them if the quality is not up to the mark. The e-commerce landscape has evolved offering users fast loading websites, highest levels of security and an amazing site experience. In order to offer such an experience, e-commerce website owners have to spend hours behind managing the website and running routine maintenance tasks. Hence, choosing the right host for an e-commerce website is essential for its success. Today, we will look at the pros and cons of VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting Services for e-Commerce platforms.

Hosting requirements of an e-Commerce Website

A successful e-commerce platform needs the following for a web host:

  • Minimum Downtime
  • High levels of security
  • A 24×7 customer support team
  • Instant resource scalability

Cloud Hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

A VPS Hosting service is a combination of Shared and Dedicated Hosting services where a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers. Each virtual server has the capability of hosting websites and has dedicated resources.

On the other hand, in Cloud hosting, a website is hosted on multiple servers. These servers work in tandem. Also, a virtualization layer separates the resources needed by them.

Cloud Hosting vs. VPS Hosting services for e-commerce websites

Features Cloud Hosting VPS Hosting
Minimum Downtime Cloud Hosting services offer maximum uptimes as there is no single point of failure. In VPS Hosting, dedicated resources ensure that the performance of your website is good. However, if the site traffic starts increasing at a rapid pace, site performance can be an issue. Further, since the site is hosted on a physical server, there is a single point of failure.
High-level of Security Good Cloud Hosting providers ensure that account isolation is done accurately and the latest security tools are deployed. Since a site is hosted on a single server, VPS Hosting offers high levels of security.
Customization Since the resources are distributed and spread among multiple servers, there is restricted control over the hosting settings in comparison to VPS Hosting.. Customizing the server environment is easy since VPS Hosting allows you to have complete root access over the resources.
Scalability of Resources Cloud Hosting services offer instant scalability of resources to help you manage a sudden increase in website traffic. VPS Hosting providers also offer scalability of resources. However, the process of adding resources is time-consuming.
Costs Cloud Hosting services are cheaper than their VPS Hosting counterparts. Also, resource scalability ensures that you pay only when you have scaled up the website resource like CPU or RAM. Since resources are predetermined in VPS Hosting, the monthly bill is fixed regardless of whether you use the resources or not. Overall, VPS Hosting plans are usually costlier than Cloud Hosting plans.


Assessing the hosting requirements of your e-commerce platform is essential to find the best web host for your site. Remember, every website has unique hosting requirements and it is important to find a host who understands them and offers services tailor-made to them. Look at options and speak to the host before signing the dotted line.